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Welcome to Industrial Envy!

Industrial Envy specializes in industrial furniture, industrial pipe shelving units, modern swing beds and industrial curtain rods. We also produce custom furniture and complete large scale commercial projects.

With signature pipe shelving your custom furniture dream becomes attainable for any space. Custom made furniture is ideal for impact pieces and awkward spaces. If you can dream it Industrial Envy can build it.

Where will you use your industrial shelving and industrial furniture?

As you can see from the industrial style furniture Industrial Envy offers, we love open shelving and pipe shelves. We know you will love them too. Everyone has room for some industrial shelves.

Corner shelves have become especially popular for an organized home. If you are organizing your home any shelving configuration is possible. Closet shelving and garage shelving doesn't have to be boring.

Along with custom bookcases and custom wood furniture, Industrial Envy bed swings are a very popular item for relaxing on your large porch.

Industrial Envy custom furniture is handmade industrial furniture for residential and commercial applications. Every furniture piece is carefully hand-crafted in Texas, surpassing the highest standards in the industry.  Industrial Envy's focus is on retail shelving, as well as many custom shelving options for home use.  Besides custom shelves, Industrial Envy excels at producing beautifully handmade custom furniture!

Industrial Envy is known for long-lasting craftsmanship, original design concepts, and unparalleled customer service.  You will find Industrial Envy's level of customer service to be second to none.  We always put the customer's needs first, and have built our reputation on excellence in this area.

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