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Welcome to Industrial Envy!


No one reads on a design focused custom furniture website……so why is this text here?

The Industrial Envy website is the first thing you see, but what you don’t see is behind the scenes. Sure we create all of this AWESOME industrial furniture from scratch with the bare hands of several VERY talented men and women, but why do we do it?

Have you ever done anything and felt in the very core of your being that it is something you would give up everything else for? That is how we feel about all of our furniture and custom pieces. You are not only buying furniture, you are buying a piece of our souls!

Behind the scenes we work tirelessly to do our best. We are only human so we're not perfect, but we promise you will receive our absolute best at all times. 

We truly focus on the people who help us with our business, and above all this is our customers.

When you request a custom design it is a dream come true for us!  We get to do what we love, and you get to have a piece in your home or business that is uniquely you.

In a world of big boxes and cookie cutter pieces strive for something unique…..get Industrial Envy!

Do you want to have your design work featured?


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