Swing Bed Concepts

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The first swing bed was a concept for friends of ours.  They were building a modern custom home over-looking a river and the view was incredible!  However, beyond the gorgeous tree-filled valley, and the winding lazy river, there was a long string of large power lines traipsing off into the distance.



When starting this design, Jennifer and I looked around at all of the beautiful scenery and began to absorb the idea of incorporating industrial advances alongside nature.  The simple, yet elegant flow of the power lines cutting through the terrain seemed to mimic the flow of the river in a way we found inspiring.  This is why Industrial Envy swing beds hang from steel cable rather than the more traditional rope or chain.  The cable adds a strong element of modernism, and incorporates industrial design with the natural beauty of the wood.



The original "Foley" swing bed is shown above in the final stages of production.  Note the raw and rustic beauty of the unfinished cedar in contrast to the rigid, modern galvanized steel pipe.  The most unique aspect of this design is the arrangement of the side rails.  We concluded that by leaving one side rail very low to match the height of the outdoor mattress, and the other rather high to act as a wraparound back-rest, we actually created the perfect hanging lounger!




The ultimate goal of the Foley swing bed concept was to create an outdoor relaxation space focused entirely on the view.  This design will not only complete your outdoor space in a way no other outdoor furniture can, but it will bring joy to your heart every time you sink in to relax with a glass of wine while swaying gently in the summer breeze.


The pinnacle of craftsmanship, the Christianson swing bed is absolutely the finest example of Industrial Envy artistry in design.  Built entirely from exotic Fijian Mahogany, and designed to capture the spirit of the Southwest, this concept inspired a matching line of porch swings.  The patterns present throughout this swing bed are of course structurally functional for strength, yet exquisitely well thought-out for design.




A tremendous amount of labor goes into producing a single Christianson swing bed, and every detail must be perfect for the design to come together properly.  The process of creating the final product takes approximately 6 weeks.




Why Fijian Mahogany you ask?  Most people hear the word "Mahogany" and think of a very hard and heavy, reddish wood from the rain-forest.  Fijian Mahogany is responsibly sourced, and possesses the beneficial qualities of other Mahogany varieties without the burdensome heftiness.  While maintaining the strength, and hardness found in other Mahogany woods, Fijian Mahogany is incredibly lightweight.  In fact, it is nearly as light as Cedar!  Additionally, and very importantly, this variety of wood has fantastic resistance to rotting, thus making it a prime candidate for outdoor furnishings.


Industrial Envy swing beds are the ultimate solution to luxury in the outdoors.  You owe it to yourself to indulge in the finest relaxation experience available!  Contact us today to begin designing your own swing bed masterpiece, and enjoy the good life with a lifetime guarantee on all Industrial Envy swing beds.





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