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2018 is going to be an amazing year for YOU and you need to try this Salvador Dali recipe just for fun!

2018 is set to be an incredible year for pushing the boundaries of interior design. Mainly we are seeing an increase in the desire to make your space open, airy while also being inviting and warm, and maintaining originality. So how do you do that?

When we think of pushing the boundaries of design we think Salvador Dali but maybe you are not that extreme? If you are that’s cool.

I mean walking an aardvark and having your grave dug up by a woman who believed she was his daughter. That guy had drama in his afterlife. Anyway….

This year you need to be YOU. Forget about those matching sofa sets and matching furniture this is not the 80’s anymore. Industrial style décor has become a major accent piece in many homes and businesses! From shelving, to counter settings and tabletops, the industrial style has the ability to bring your favorite rooms back to life. The great thing is that an antique chest of drawers can create a juxtaposition with any other style.

You probably already have a lot of pieces you love in your home and Marie Kondo has bought this to the forefront of the design world. You need to be surrounded by pieces you love. Not pieces your neighbors love or pieces your mother in law loves. 2018 is the year of finding you, being happy and joyful and designing your space to fit that.

 The main cause of excitement this year in the design world is now the availability of so many custom items. If you want a bright purple (What’s the color of the year? Ultra Violet?) shelving unit in your home, GO FOR IT.

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The most important thing to remember is that it is fully customizable to suit YOUR style.  Not Linda from accounting.  Not Vivian from the coffee shop.  Definitely not judgy Janet from the gym.  Make 2018 about YOUR ultimate expression of independence and style. From start to finish, you can create your ideal furniture piece that will perfectly fit your unique space and your awesome style.

You get to choose your own color, dimensions, material, and everything in between. A lot of times, people will have various designs throughout a room that all complement one another and bring an exciting edge to a room. That’s the truly exciting part of creating a home you love! 

Here at Industrial Envy, we have the privilege of helping people design and bring their dreams of what their living room or office could be to life. With a team of experts, we have streamlined the process from design to final product so that the customer can relax and feel confident that they are getting exactly what they asked for. From our signature industrial pipe shelving to our unique full-size porch swing beds, we are sure to have exactly what you are looking for. Or, if you are looking at a blank space and have your own ideas for it, we can come along side you to create a one of a kind custom piece of functional art that you are sure to love.

So, stop pacing your house, wondering what needs to change and let us help you fall in love again call us to get started on your custom furniture dream!

*Click on Salvador Dali's name for his favorite recipe 

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