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Posted by Jennifer Zandt on

Nothing soothes the soul like a good book and a cup of piping hot tea.  When you curl up with a tome, chances are you're going to be setting it down on a piece of furniture to stir that cup of tea or to adjust your position on occasion.  Your home should offer you both function and style, which is why we think that coffee tables and open shelves are one of the most exciting ways to combine personal tastes across media.  Chances are, if you are drawn to industrial decor and reclaimed wood, you'll likely have a taste for rustic novels and challenging photography.  

We've put together an eclectic collection of coffee table books that we think would look absolutely stunning on one of our industrial coffee tables.  

If you are looking for a rustic feel for your space and want to embrace the beauty of the natural world in both fact and fiction, try pairing a few of these books with one of our reclaimed wood tables: 

Plant:  Exploring the Botanical World

Moby Dick

Humans of New York

If modern, sleek, and socially challenging is more your taste, you might want to pick up a few of these for one of our modern tables: 


A Clockwork Orange

Spark Joy 

Diana Vreeland The Modern Woman

Books can also be easily displayed on open shelving and if you have a large book of photography you can open it for a partial display of color against industrial shelving.  This surprising juxtaposition of color and metal, especially if you are utilizing nature or animal photography, can stop even the most jaded designer and encourage a second look.  


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