Commercial shelving and fixtures for your business!

Posted by Jennifer Zandt on

The use of industrial shelving doesn't need to be regulated to warehouses or trendy uptown lofts; we actually work with quite a few corporate and small business clients looking to optimize their spaces. 

We've had the pleasure of working with the Gaithersburg, Maryland Marriott Hotel and Bar in bringing their container bar to life with space saving shelves and highlighted the potential for many other local businesses.  

Retail shelving, displays, and custom retail fixtures are our lifeblood.  We adore working with other entrepreneurs that see industrial design as more than just a collection of pipes and raw components, but a real way to share the extension of their branding vision with customers.  Here are a few of our favorite ways to see industrial decor bring new life to businesses seeking excitement: 

1.  Pipe clothing racks

2.  Tables with stacked heights  

3.  Flange, pipe, and plug wall mounted racks

4.  Free standing shelving displays with posterior pipe fittings 

As you can tell, most of these design pieces are variations on the pipe and shelving staple but it is truly the structure and the combination of the components that add.  Industrial decor also offers businesses a unique ability to merge styles and this comes in handy during seasonal promotions when you want a blank slate while also maintaining the overall feel of your brand.  

We offer a wide variety of shelving units and would be happy to discuss your business needs with you.  Hop on over to our instagram to take a look at some of the combinations we've designed and contact us to let us know what fixtures you'd like to see in your showrooms and business spaces.  



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