How do I measure for a curtain rod?

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One of the most frequently asked questions for Industrial Envy is:

"How do I know what length curtain rod to order for my window?"



Read this blog if measuring is a challenge, and by the end you will know exactly which curtain rod length to order!

We are here to help, so if you do measure incorrectly don't worry.  Industrial Envy will exchange your rod for one in the correct measurement at no charge*.

So firstly, go get that tape measure!

Any will do. You can grab that old one in the kitchen drawer if you like. Come right back and then look at your window. Place the edge of your tape measure at the inside edge of your wall, as pictured below.

If you want your curtain rod to span the entire wall, measure from one corner of your room to the other.


Measuring for custom curtain rods


The next step is extending your tape measure to the other side.

This can get tricky, so you may want to grab an assistant or a heavy book to weigh down the tape measure if you have very large windows.

You can slightly bend your tape measure to get your window measurement. On our picture below we are measuring approx 61"**


measuring for industrial curtain rods


If you want completely perfect measurements please follow some of the advanced measuring techniques here:

You have probably been using a tape measure all wrong by Huffington Post


Now the fun part!

Please ignore all of the math below if you are measuring for an entire wall.  You already have your measurement, and you are ready to order your Chic Industrial Curtain Rods.

How many curtain panels do you have?

We have 2 curtain panels and they are thin cotton so I will add 4 inches on either side.

61" (your window measurement) + 4" on the left + 4" on the right = 69" curtain rod.

In the event you have velvet, or lined draperies you will add 8" on either side.

61" (your window measurement) + 8" on the left + 8" on the right = 77" curtain rod.

You can add 4"-8" on each side, or 8"-16" total for panels to rest on either side of window frame when open.  This also allows enough room for the brackets.

If you decide to use more panels, simply add another + for each additional panel.

i.e. For 3 panels:

61" (your window measurement) + 4" (thin cotton) + 4" (thin cotton) + 4" (thin cotton)

Should you have an unusual window, or a close wall, please send a photo to and we will help you to configure a custom curtain rod.


Okay!  Aren't you glad we got through the math bit?


You have now worked out the overall length you will need, so it's time to start shopping!


Overall curtain rod length


The Industrial Envy curtain tie back (As shown in the above photo) completes your industrial window look.



If you have read this blog post, drop a note to us with your order, and we will include one tie back of your choice for free!  You can choose straight or with an elbow (like the one pictured, which was a custom order).


Now you are ready to order your Chic Industrial Curtain Rods!

Many people measure incorrectly, but it is not a problem with curtain rods as we can easily exchange* but in some other instances accurate measurements are always important.  Measuring can go wrong, and it can lead to not-so-great or unexpected circumstances...  As you can see from this article in BBC News.


Some other facts:

OUR MEASUREMENTS ARE FOR THE TOTAL LENGTH, and we cut each piece in house using the highest quality equipment for our measurements to be perfect.  All of our curtain rods protrude approximately 4" out from the wall, but this dimension can be customized upon request.

TOTAL LENGTH means the entire end to end length of the total product, not just the rod length.  i.e.  outer edge of the circle at one end, to the outer edge of the circle at the other end.

FLANGE means the circle that attaches to the wall.


Small print:

*Just pay return shipping, and all exchanges measuring within 5" of the original order will be free.

**If this is a wall-to-wall measurement, 60.5" would be used.

Thank you to Huffington Post and BBC News for the fun measuring content! 


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