How to organize and curate your shelving

Posted by Jennifer Zandt on

You just finished installing one of our industrial shelves in your home and you couldn't be happier with the sleek lines and modern approach.  Now comes the challenge of filling those shelves up with books, knick-knacks, and assorted sundries that will bring your room together with edgy sophistication.  How do you organize your shelves without sacrificing those perfectly presented lines and edges?


The very first decision you need to make is deciding what you want to display.  Are you an audiophile showing off your favorite records and albums?  Are you a world traveler showing off passports, maps, and trinkets garnered from the edges of the world?  Are you a secret librarian brimming with book after book of arcane knowledge?  Organization is based on picking and choosing items that work well together and most interior designers agree, you need to display items that have meaning.  You don't want rows of uneven books and you certainly don't want to use industrial shelving as a storage space. 

Perhaps the most important rule for composing a shelf is the Rule of Thirds.  This concept, used by photographers and interior designers, challenges the decorator to visual each shelf space into three equal sections both horizontally and vertically.  Once you have created this grid in your minds eye, you create a central focal space which draws the eye and then add components on either side leaving space.  This may be a tall book, a vase, or even a clock, but the central space is always the grounding point for each subsection.  

Finally, some designers recommend including one color in each space to tie the shelving unit together both in form and in hue.  We'd like to recommend Greenery, the Pantone Color of the year, as it works extremely well with industrial office and home decor.


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