The concept of pipe shelving

Posted by Jennifer Zandt on

The concept of pipe shelving started with the trend of using reclaimed materials in productive ways. Industrial Envy uses these materials to create beautiful industrial shelving units.

Pipe fittings and steel pipe is often not used in new construction and it is losing it's purpose. These fittings are being replaced with plastic parts. We do not like materials going to waste and sitting in scrap yards.

In 2013 we created shelving for our home office and posted a few pictures online. Our concept was to use thick boards (often found in home building and scaffolding) and make heavy duty shelving to hold many hundreds of books. This shelf was our first design and was made using reclaimed materials and pipe fittings. We sprayed the pipe a consistent color and finished the shelves beautifully.

Our owner Jennifer didn't believe that reclaimed had to look reclaimed and could maintain a clean industrial chic vibe.

The shelving is a genius design as the weight distribution is all supported at the base with flanges that rest on the floor. It is secured at the top flanges to studs or in dry wall with heavy duty wall anchors (We like zip tie anchors)

We have now created many designs while running with this shelving concept as you can see in our shop. Through years of trial and error we know the correct amount of columns for maintaining strength and have produced custom units up to 15ft in height and units 27ft long.

We also often add custom fabrication for certain shelf designs where pipe pieces can be limited in their use. The shelving below featured bottle stop bars and this design that we created was first showcased in a Marriott hotel shipping container bar suspended from the ceiling (check it out here)

As you can tell we love pipe shelving at Industrial Envy and the idea of using materials that are no longer needed for their initial intended purpose. They are now used for industrial chic design in homes and businesses around the world.

To order your own custom pipe shelving contact us with your overall measurements or even a rough sketch. You do not have to be a designer to create a designer piece in your space.



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