What is industrial design?

Posted by Jennifer Zandt on

Industrial Envy offers a wide variety of modern, raw, rustic, and, of course, industrial, decor, but do you know what industrial decor means?  At least, do you know what it means in the eyes of interior designers and those in the know?  Industrial spaces are usually a little gritty, a whole lot of raw, and a lot of exposed edges.  Industrial design glorifies the sheer beauty of exposed metal, reclaimed wood, and components that are normally wrapped up in a sugar coating of plastic, paint, or superficial trappings. 

If you love what is underneath the surface and yearn for realistic portrayals in all things, then you are a friend of industrial decor.  For those just dipping their toes into the world of industrial interior design, we would like to humbly suggest checking out these two types of fixtures: 

Pipe Shelving:  

Pipe shelving, like all industrial decor pieces, is exactly what it sounds like.  We use a variety of metal pipes and wood shelving to create a dressed down yet inspired twist on finished shelves.  The result is a space in your home or office that can curate a sense of sophistication and subtly that eschews garish garnishes. 

Reclaimed Wood Tables: 

By taking a piece of wood that has been discarded, or previously used and tossed aside, and refurnishing it into an upcycled fixture we can offer you furniture that is as stylish as it is eco-friendly.  This surprising pairing of environmentally sustainable actions and gritty style is not actually all that surprising to those of us working in interior design and is beloved by many of our customers. 

Industrial design is here to stay, and we'd love to know what draws your eye to this type of style and which of our pieces you find the most exciting. 


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