It started with a vision...

A vision of what American manufacturing can empower our nation to become.  Industrial Envy represents a new generation of Americans who are entirely fed up of “planned obsolescence” and “outsourcing” devaluing the products we buy.  We believe Americans work hard for their money, and shouldn’t have to buy the same product more than once, just because a corporation tells them they should.  Industrial Envy is taking a stand against the “new normal” in modern day retail products and industrial furniture.

Can you remember the last time you purchased something built with American materials?  Industrial Envy sources as many materials as possible right here in Texas!  Some of our most popular industrial furniture options include reclaimed materials like antique long-leaf pine lumber dating all the way back to the 19th Century.  When you contact us for a custom design, remember to ask about reclaimed material options!

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When was the last time you purchased a product that was guaranteed to last for the rest of your life?  Most of our industrial furniture offerings include a guarantee for the lifetime of the purchaser!

Whether you’re in need of industrial furniture, custom pipe shelving, commercial displays, or custom furniture you have come to the right place.  Industrial Envy has a wide scope of in-house capabilities such as metal work, wood work, and of course furniture design.  If you can dream it, Industrial Envy can build it!

Welcome to the American manufacturing revolution.