Heavy Duty Industrial chic curtain rods (1" Pipe)

Industrial Envy


Do you have extra heavy curtains? Are they bamboo or velvet? Heavy Duty industrial curtain rods are ideal for your draperies.

This listing is for lengths up to 99" in 1" pipe. For longer lengths and varying diameters please contact us.

The particular curtain rods pictured were made with 1.5" galvanized pipe and fittings. This was a custom order for a pool house. There were six identical curtain rods, 6 feet in length, and one long curtain rod, 24 feet in length. Nearly any length is possible so just use your imagination, and Industrial Envy will get the job done!

Custom orders tailored to your decor and preferences are available.

Many custom colors and lengths are available upon request. Ask us about our powder-coat upgrade option! (this is ideal for commercial clients and interior designers)

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