Retail Clothing Display with Shelves

Industrial Envy


A Retail Clothing Display with Shelves is ideal for a Retail Store fixture and will help your merchandise sell while adding a touch of rustic glamour to your store.

This Industrial Retail Display is perfect for a commercial space. Each support column has been powder coated for impressive finish work that will hold up to many clothing hangers and commercial usage. If you are unfamiliar with powder coating it is a finish used on car rims and inside engines and it will withstand lots of wear. It is applied by a curing process at high heat. We chose this finish to offer many colors and for your products to last for a very long time.

Each shelf on this unit is made from reclaimed old wood and sourced locally.
The pictured shelving unit was recently completed and yours will be custom made to order.

The Clothing Rack pictured above measures 84" tall by 42" wide and 10" deep.

When ordering from this listing you will receive one unit. Two units are featured on the picture as most stores will require multiple units.

The pipe shown above is a "Gold" powder coat finish, and the wood shelves pictured are antique wood clear coated in a protective finish.

Please ask about our standard wood options!

This Store display will be ideal for your store!


Simply select your color combination from the drop-down menus above, or contact us for assistance with custom sizing and colors.

At Industrial Envy we have our own unique style, but also love to work on custom projects. Lead time on custom orders is generally 3-4 weeks but let us know if you are in a rush, and we will try our best to accommodate you.

We'll ship your order in the safest, most secure manner possible to ensure your item arrives flawlessly. However, please feel free to ask for a custom shipping method if desired.


Thank you!

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